My Hero Academia Season 3 Recap

And, it’s a wrap! My Hero Academia has officially wrapped up its third season on September 29, 2018. This season included further progression for Izuku Midoriya, the fall of All-Might as the world’s #1 hero, the demise of All for One, and the mystery of Mirio.

There is so much to recap on that this article may just be the longest piece ever on this blog, so I’ll do my best to stay both succinct and informative. Without any further ado, let’s break down the third (and in my opinion, the best) season of My Hero Academia.

All-Might Officially Retired

Image result for all might retired
All-Might announces his retirement in My Hero Academia Season 3. Source: YouTube

This was the biggest shocker of the third season. All-Might made it known previously in the series that he was rapidly losing his power. He exacerbated this decline further by transferring One For All to Midoriya.

Though, did anyone expect him to suddenly retire? Probably not. Remember the first opening theme of the third season?

Around the 1:11 mark, we can see All-Might battling his archenemy All For One. Although the OP signaled that All-Might would finally face his enemy, there was no way of knowing that All-Might would retire.

To say that the significance of All-Might’s retirement was profound would be a masterful understatement. Before, his decline meant that Midoriya was getting stronger. Now, it means that Midoriya has now usurped his teacher and has blossomed into a true hero. We’ll have to see how strong Deku becomes in the fourth season, as he potentially faces his greatest foe (I won’t spoil it!).

However, it’s best to keep an eye on All-Might and if his fate will finally come in the upcoming season.

Midoriya and Bakugo: True Rivals

Image result for midoriya vs bakugo
Izuku Midoriya (left) attacks Katsuki Bakugo (right) in My Hero Academia Season 3. Source: YouTube

In the past, I predicted that Bakugo would eventually defect. I believed that my suspicion would be confirmed when Bakugo was kidnapped by the League of Villains, but boy was I wrong. As it turned out, Bakugo was never meant to be a villain. His role in My Hero Academia is to challenge and motivate Midoriya as his rival.

This season, we all got to witness an amazing battle against two bitter rivals. The outcome was predictable. I knew Bakugo would win because he has superior fighting skills over Midoriya’s Shoot Style. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but think that Deku held back.

At any rate, I think we all understood why Bakugo was so angry at Midoriya. In their childhood, Bakugo took pleasure in bullying and belittling Midoriya. Then, suddenly Midoriya grew powerful and obtained One For All from All-Might, the hero both of them admired.

In addition, Bakugo held himself responsible for getting captured and allowing All-Might to use all of his power to save him. After their battle, I believe Midoriya and Bakugo released some stream and their relationship stabilized as a result. Now, the two are officially rivals, even though Bakugo does still technically hate Midoriya.

I guess some things will never change.

The Fall of All For One

As All-Might once said, “Farewell, All For One”.

I won’t use this section to discuss All For One. I mean, there wasn’t much information given about him, other than he was All-Might’s archenemy. The elimination of All For One is symbolic in a variety of ways.

The first and primary meaning of All For One’s demise was the ascension of Tomura Shigaraki. Up until the third season, Tomura’s plans for world domination included resurrecting his “father” and defeating a weakened All-Might. You would think that All For One’s defeat would have ended these plans, but it instead motivated Tomura to destroy the heroes even more.

Not much is known about Tomura’s abilities, but if he was the student and foster son of All For One (and the rumored child of All-Might’s predecessor), it’s safe to say that he has a prudent plan for getting his revenge, once and for all.

The Provisional Hero License Exams

Related image
Class 1-A participates in the Provisional Hero License Exam in My Hero Academia Season 3. Source: Lost in Anime

The Provisional Hero License Exams featured Class 1-A’s opportunity to become real heroes. I believe you know what I’m going to discuss here… Why didn’t Bakugo or Todoroki get these licenses?!

Those two are easily the two strongest members of Class 1-A, so it was mind-boggling as to why they didn’t receive their license, other than the fact that both did perform suboptimally on the exam. Skill wise, the two are definitely heroes, but they apparently have so more maturing to do as the series progresses.

Since a healthy majority of Class 1-A has obtained their Provisional Hero License, they should now be able to do basic hero work and even register as sidekicks. I wonder whose agency Midoriya will work for now that he possesses a Provisional Hero License.

The Mystery of Mirio

Image result for my hero academia mirio
Mirio uses his quirk in My Hero Academia Season 3. Source: Comic Book

This brings me to my final point. I guess this article wasn’t really long after all. In any case, is Mirio powerful or what? He has the ability to permeate his body, rendering him immune to physical attacks. His defense is spectacular and impregnable, and he possesses sharper thinking skills than Midoriya.

He has the potential to become the #1 hero soon, according to Eraser. I love how Mirio introduced himself at the conclusion of the third season, as it leaves some room to speculate how strong Midoriya would become if he endured the same training as Mirio.

Speaking of Midoriya, Mirio was very impressed with the One For All recipient. Could this mean that there is a future partnership coming in the fourth season? We’ll figure out very soon.

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