Anime News: Black Clover Cast Thanks Fans for Second Season

Popular anime series Black Clover has just begun its second season of the series. This news comes as a shock after its 51-episode debut season. In order to show gratitude for the support, the staff of the anime and the cast wanted to thank fans of the anime series in a special way.

Black Clover surprised fans when it announced that the anime would continue past the first season. Though, the second season has already gotten exciting. It’s no secret that the crew and staff want to thank their fans, as the show’s popularity has already increased substantially since the final arc of the first season.

The latest episode of the anime series hinted at much more suspense heading into the second season. The Clover Kingdom is currently being attacked by the Diamond Kingdom, but it appears that one of the Magic Knight captains have a more in-depth connection to the Eye of the Midnight Sun than many fans realized.

To catch up on the second season of Black Clover, you can watch the anime on Crunchyroll, Funimation, or catch the show on Toonami on Saturday evenings.

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