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Anime Review: My Hero Academia Episode 42 “My Hero” Review

Whew… Where do I begin?

After the premier of My Hero Academia Episode 41, it was severely implied that the “Training Camp Arc” would begin. As it turned out, this guess was right on the money. My Hero Academia Episode 42 featured the first major battle since the “Stain Arc” and gave a new glimpse on the extent of Midoriya’s quirk. Also, this episode expounded on the training camp ambush led by the League of Villains: Vanguard Action Squad, featuring some counterattacks by the remaining Pussycats and the scattered young heroes.

As always, before you read this review, make sure you watch My Hero Academia’s 42nd episode on Crunchyroll. Otherwise, let’s get into the review.


mandalay ep 42.PNG

This episode begins with a flashback of the previous conversation between Mandalay and Midoriya concerning Kota’s childhood. Later, a conversation is played where Mandalay suggests that Kota will one day be saved by a hero. Meanwhile, Eraser proceeds to lecture the group of students in Class 1-A who failed their exam. Before beginning his lesson, Vlad King, Eraser, and the young heroes hear a distress signal produced by Mandalay’s quirk.

Eraser ep 42

Immediately, Eraser rushes into action, leaving the young heroes to Vlad King. However, he is attacked swiftly by Dabi who already anticipated the encounter. Meanwhile, Midoriya, Iida, and the remaining Pussycats are confronted by two deadly villains.

mandalay fight ep 42.PNG

One of the villains already defeated Pixie-Bob. Mandalay convinces Iida and Midoriya to run off while her and Tiger fight the villains off. Iida cooperates, but Midoriya rushes off to find Kota.

muscular and kota ep 42.PNG

Kota, who is hiding usually in his secret place, is approached by a mysterious muscular man in a dark cloak. After speaking to the Kota, the young kid realizes that this man is the one who killed his parents. Frightened, Kota tries to run but is quickly ambushed. Though, Midoriya saves Kota before the villain can strike. The villain, who then reveals himself as “Muscular” vows to kill both Midoriya and Kota. As it turns out, Midoriya’s cell-phone broke after he saved Kota, rendering him unable to call for reinforcements.

deku and muscular ep 42.PNG

Although he is terrified, Midoriya stands up and challenged Muscular. Soon, Muscular unleashes his quirk, which identifies accurately with his name. Using his quirk, Muscular can stretch his muscle fibers, making him exponentially stronger and quicker than Midoriya only after a few powerups.

muscular quirk

Overwhelmed, Midoriya gets pummeled by Muscular, but he retains his resolve to save Kota at all costs. However, after the villain mentions that he is looking for Bakugo, Midoriya becomes distracted, exposing him to more torture by the deranged villain. After seeing Midoriya being beaten by Muscular, Kota chastises the villain for killing his parents, but Muscular responds in indifference.

Midoiya fights Muscular.PNG

This interaction gives Midoriya the time to powerup and charge at Muscular with 100% of his power. While Muscular is surprised by Midoriya’s attack, he easily absorbs the contact. With several broken bones and injuries, Midoriya starts to run out of options. However, he remains confident that he can save Kota.

Midoriya weakened.PNG

Despite using all of his power, Midoriya powers up again to subdue Muscular while Kota escapes. To shield Midoriya’s attack, Muscular uses the full degree of his quirk. Soon, Muscular overwhelms Midoriya, but Kota finally uses his quirk to attack the villain.

midoriya defeats muscular.PNG

The attack does nothing to damage the villain, but it distracts him enough for Midoriya to use a never-before-seen attack to defeat Muscular.

my hero ep42

In the aftermath, Kota remembers what Mandalay told him before and glances at the resounding hero who risked his life to protect him.



Whoa. There isn’t enough I can truly say about this episode. To begin, Midoriya’s epic fight with Muscular was the first major fight I have seen since he battled Stain in the previous season. I never expected Muscular to be the villain that killed Kota’s parents. However, this fact gave Midoriya the power to defeat the villain, even though he was severely weakened by training and beaten nearly to death.

midoriya resolve.PNG

Midoriya’s resilience will always be why I enjoy this anime. While the newest One-for-All recipient can surely take a punch, his decisive moments make him tough to handle. At a moment’s glance, Midoriya will risk everything to save someone. Not only does this surprise his allies, but these actions vindicate Midoriya’s resolve to his enemies as well.

In any case, Midoriya once again saved the day, but it surely won’t be his last fight. In this episode, it appears that Dabi and his allies are starting to gain more entry into the training camp. After watching Tiger and Mandalay battle two of the five villains, I realized that some of the villains are just plain thugs. Tiger was easily able to identify one villain, who was just a petty criminal.

dabi and eraser.PNG

Though, Muscular and Dabi have proved to be the deadliest of the bunch. It isn’t clear of what happened to Eraser, but I doubt he would have not been defeated so easily. Even if he did, Vlad King is more than able to fight on Dabi’s level.

All in all, My Hero Academia Episode 42 is the best I have seen since the Stain Arc. Hopefully, the next episode will give us more of a glimpse to the ongoing ambush started by the League of Villains, and how the heroes will respond.

Things I Liked:

Midoriya saves kota.PNG

Everything, okay! Midoriya and Muscular’s fight was pretty short, but it gave me just a taste of what this season will be about. Muscular is just one of the five villains that attacked the training camp. Therefore, if his defeat was just the beginning, I am very excited to see what unfolds next.

Things I Didn’t Like:

Kota Hiding Place

With all jokes aside, one thing that I didn’t like was the fact that Kota didn’t embrace Midoriya after he, you know…saved his life and everything. I know this is premature, but if some villain saved me from a dangerous villain that killed my parents, he would have to beg me to stop showing my gratitude. (I’m just kidding. This episode was amazing.)

Final Grades:

my hero ep42

Let’s get straight to the chase. This episode receives a perfect 10/10 rating for the amazing fight I just witnessed. I literally wrote this review minutes after the I watched the episode, so I was clearly amazed. I honestly can’t wait to see what happens next, and I know that all of you are feeling the same as well.

Now that Midoriya has saved Kota, will he be able to help his friends survive the ruthless attack led by the League of Villains? We’ll soon find out in the next episode. Plus Ultra!

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Next Episode: My Hero Academia Episode 43: “Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!”

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