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Anime Review: My Hero Academia Episode 41: “Kota” Review

After the premier of My Hero Academia Episode 40, I suspected that this episode would just be a filler, and boy was I wrong. My Hero Academia Episode 41 features a continuance of the Training Camp arc, while kicking off a violent assault led by the League of Villains. However, the episode gets it name from the close interaction of Kota and Midoriya. Usually, I’m a bit late when it comes to posting reviews, but this episode was so good that I had to post a review for you guys immediately.

Before you dive on in this review, make sure you watch My Hero Academia’s 41st episode on either Crunchyroll or Funimation. Otherwise, let’s go into the full review!


Vlad King Class B

This episode begins with Vlad King, who wakes Class B up to inform them that they will also be training the use of their quirks. Much to their dismay, the students of Class B witness the strenuous training that Class A endures to strengthen their quirks. After the young heroes finish their training, they soon call it a day and prepare dinner. During dinner, Midoriya notices that Kota is missing and rushes to follow him to his secret place.

Kota Hiding Place

Once Midoriya finds Kota, he brings him dinner, but Kota sharply rebukes him. Although Midoriya tries to inform Kota about his backstory, Kota still remains annoyed by the society of heroes he lives in and begs Midoriya to go away. Heartbroken, Midoriya agrees and leaves.

Eraser and Midoriya

Meanwhile, Midoriya asks Eraser about the location of All-Might, to which the latter responds by explaining that All-Might was told not to visit the training camp for safety purposes. Later, the Wild, Wild Pussycats encourage both classes to participate in a scaring match to see who has the scariest quirk.

Dark Mist.PNG

As the festivities take place, Class B takes the advantage quickly by scaring Todoroki and Bakugo. However, suddenly a black mist spreads throughout the forest. Kendo quickly realizes that this a poisonous fog and uses her quirk to save her teammates.

New Villains

Back at the training camp, the mist grows to be more powerful, and the culprits are soon revealed to be the newest members of the League of Villains, known as the Vanguard Action Squad. At that moment, Pixie-bob is immediately defeated by the elite villains. Midoriya quickly tries to rescue her, but he is promptly stopped by the remaining Pussycats.

Kota Ambushed

As the episode ends, Midoriya realizes that Kota is all alone during the ambush. Kota soon realizes this too, as he is approached by a mysterious villain.


Class B Students.PNG

Where do I begin. This episode kicked the entire Training Camp arc off with a bang. To begin, I was very impressed by how much attention was shown to Class B in this episode. I understand that Class B is starting to become a rival to Class A, but both classes could partner up to handle the villains who appeared in this episode.

Class B Determined.PNG

Also, to no surprise, Midoriya tried unsuccessfully to convert Kota to the hero side. I honestly believed that this episode would be a filler to discuss Kota’s past or whatever, but I was wrong. I was really wrong. Moreover, I am very worried about one particular thing in this episode. Eraser told Midoriya that All-Might wouldn’t be attending the Training Camp because he was a target of the League of Villains. That bugs me for a variety of reasons, so I have a few questions that needs to be answered by the next episode.

Bakugo Training

Firstly, if All-Might wasn’t present to the Training Camp, wouldn’t that put everyone in danger? Although UA tried its best to keep the location of the Training Camp a secret, shouldn’t All-Might have been there in case of an emergency. The League of Villains have proved to always be two steps ahead of the UA staff. Therefore, there should have been some type of contingency plan that included All-Might’s Presence.

Kota Angry.PNG

Secondly, why would the League of Villains attack the Training Camp. Obviously, these guys are evil, but Tomura likely has a reason for why he planned this. On UA’s side, they have Eraser, The Pussycats, and Vlad King, whom are all professional heroes. Also, they have the students of both Class A and B. On the Villains’ side, Dabi only mentioned that five villains were coming.

Pussycat Defeat.PNG

Unless these villains are stupid or very powerful, their ambush doesn’t make sense. I guess that’s why this episode was so good towards the end. These villains easily defeated one of the Pussycats, and they will most likely capture Kota. Hopefully, Midoriya saves the kid in time.

Things I Liked:

All the Pussycats.PNG

The action towards the end of the episode is definitely something I enjoyed during this episode. I also enjoyed the rise of Class B. I know for certain this class is going to be just as talented and useful as Class A. Hopefully, both of these classes can put their rivalry aside and work together. Apparently, they are going to have to work together now that some scary villains have arrived.

Things I Didn’t Like:

All Might Intro

All Might didn’t show up, seriously?! Now that the League of Villains have made their move, things can get hairy real fast. The sad thing about all of this is that All-Might’s absence was highly unnecessary.

Final Grades:

mha ep 3 featured

The new rivalry between Class A and B is definitely interesting and should become a focal point of the series moving forward. I really like the intense action and suspense towards the end of this episode and the meaningful events throughout. Anytime an episode has me wanting to fast forward to next Saturday, it deserves a perfect 10/10 rating.

Now that the League of Villains has made their move, what will Midoriya and his comrades do to quell their vicious ambush? We’ll soon find out in the next episode. Plus Ultra!

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Next Episode: My Hero Academia Episode 42: “My Hero”

1 thought on “Anime Review: My Hero Academia Episode 41: “Kota” Review”

  1. I was kind of happy that All Might wasn’t just hanging around. Despite his injury, he’s still pretty overpowered compared to most opponents, so his absence gives a space for other characters to rise up that might otherwise just sit in the back ground.
    I was however very happy that this episode didn’t spend all its time on Kota and his backstory. It gave it some attention and wove it into the story well, but it didn’t feel intrusive.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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