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Anime Review: My Hero Academia Episode 40: “Wild, Wild Pussycats” Review

After an eventful third season debut, My Hero Academia has officially embarked into its new Training Camp arc, which will begin the process of the UA students obtaining their Hero licenses, enabling them to legitimately fight crime as heroes. My Hero Academia Season 39 essentially recapped on most of the prior events of the previous two seasons, while introducing the new training camp destination.

In the 40th episode of My Hero Academia, Midoriya and his classmates have landed into training camp and have faced their very first challenge by the Wild, Wild Pussycats. If you haven’t seen the episode, definitely check it out on Crunchyroll before you read this review. Without any further ado, here is BND Anime’s My Hero Academia Episode 40 Review.


MHA Season 3

Similar to the events of the previous episode, My Hero Academia Episode 40 begins with some scenes of the Villain Alliance. Apparently, Tomura has some things going on under his sleeve, and he has recruited the likes of professional villain, Giran, to help carry out a “ridiculous request”. Giran calmly tells Tomura that everything has been prepared, leaving the de facto leader pleased.


Meanwhile, the UA students have met up at school to travel to their designated training camp. After reaching the training camp destination, Eraser expresses that the training camp has just begun. At that moment, the UA kids are surprised by the arrival of two female pro heroes, who go by the moniker, the Wild, Wild Pussycats. Midoriya, citing his insatiable knowledge of pro heroes, greets the two veteran heroes much to their dismay.

Mineta and Eraser

The Pussycats instruct the UA kids to reach the training camp lodge at the end of a dense forest, which is entirely filled with dangerous beasts. After being forcibly thrown into the forest, Midoriya and his comrades quickly defeat a majority of the monsters using their quirks. Watching the aspiring heroes closely, a mysterious young boy scorns the UA students for their heroic acts from the distance. Though, after numerous hours of battling the monsters, the Midoriya and his friends emerge victorious and approach the training lodge.

While the Pussycats criticize the heroes for taking too long to reach the lodge, they both commend Bakugo, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Iida for their outstanding use of their quirks. After being dismissed and offered food inside, Midoriya meets the Kota, the mysterious boy who was matching him earlier. Kota bitterly expresses his disdain for heroes after kicking Midoriya in his nuts.


Later, as the heroes eat and socialize, Midoriya appears to be concerned about Kota and why he ostracizes heroes. As the heroes bathe privately among genders, Mineta uses his quirk to climb the wall to peek on the bathing girls next door. Anticipating this, Kota prevents Mineta from peeking but slips and falls from the wall, only to be saved by Midoriya.

Later that night, Midoriya confronts the Pussycats for an explanation as to why Kota dislikes heroes. Both of them explain that Kota’s parents were heroes in the past, but were killed in the line of duty when Kota was very young. After witnessing the death of his parents, Kota held resentment towards his parents, whom he felt let him stranded at a young age. As a result, Kota harbors an extreme dislike towards heroes, whom he feels are reckless and utterly useful.


Midoriya listens to the Pussycats in silence until the next day. In the morning, Eraser expresses to the UA students that they will begin their training. Eraser explains that while the young heroes have improved physically and mentally, their quirks have not improved. Sadistically, Eraser announces that he will push all of his students to their limits in order to condition their quirks.


As the episode ends, the new additions to the League of Villains are shown plotting their next move, which seems to involve Midoriya and the UA kids in the future.


Wild Wild Pussycat

The Wild, Wild Pussycats added an intriguing twist to this episode, especially by introducing two powerful pro heroes that appear to be on the same level as Eraser. Both of these ladies will definitely be a big part of the UA kids’ training, and they should have a drastic impact on their growth.

In addition, Eraser made the point that his students have not improved their quirks, even though Midoriya, Todoroki, and Iida defeated Stain in the previous season. It should be interesting seeing the immense training that Eraser puts them through. It certainly won’t be easy, but there is a strong indication that this training is foreshadowing the coming of a big fight.

After all, you don’t necessarily train for nothing. Midoriya and his friends should benefit from the training camp, even while the League of Villains are plotting their downfall. The next episode should shed some light on what the new villains are up to. With their new “tools”, they should be ready to strike soon.

Things I Liked:

Izuku and Midoriya

I actually got my wish. While I’m not just dissecting every interaction between Deku and Uraraka (I’m definitely doing it!), both of these amazing characters had a classic lovey-dovey scene. It doesn’t take a genius to know that Midoriya is crushing on Uraraka. Though, ever since Aoyama asked Uraraka if she liked Deku, she’s been blushing every time she sees him.

My hats go off to these two, and myself for anticipating one of their “signature moments”.

Things I Didn’t Like:


I hate emo-kids. I understand Kota had a difficult childhood, but that doesn’t give you a pass for being a jerk and kicking the main protagonist in the nuts. I can sense that a filler explaining Kota’s past is coming, and I dread it. Hopefully, Kota can remain a side story in the next episodes because I’m not looking forward to watching anything that deviates from the main story at this point.

Final Grades:


Overall, I really enjoyed this episode because I got to see how much the UA kids have improved. I am getting a bit anxious because the League of Villains appears to be making a move for the first time since the second season.

Since this episode containing some action and key events that foreshadow next week’s episode, I’m compelled to give this episode a 9.3/10 rating.

The League of Villains is nearly ready to strike, Kota and Midoriya are going to become friends, and the UA students are about to improve their quirks. What a time to believe alive for My Hero Academia fans! Plus Ultra!

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Next Episode: My Hero Academia Episode 40: “Kota”


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