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Anime Discussion: Will Konosuba Get A Third Season?

It has been an entire year since Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World premiered its second season in the Winter 2017 season. Prior to that year, the anime debuted its TV adaption in 2016. Many anime fans speculated that 2018 would bring a new season of the immensely popular anime series, but they were soon disappointed at the fact that a third season has not been announced yet.

Does that mean that Konosuba is done for good? Probably not. For fans of the beloved comedy series, there is some good news. Konosuba Season 3 is likely going to happen soon. However, no one knows for sure when an official announcement will be made.

The Source Material is a Determining Factor


For those that may not be aware, anime is often a byproduct of a successful manga or light novel series. Usually when a manga or light novel sells well, a TV adaption of that work is developed in order to market the original work and boost print and digital sales.

As you can imagine, popular manga titles such as One Piece, Naruto, and My Hero Academia have evolved into equally popular anime series. Anime effectively markets its original work, often known as source material.

Thus, if the source material sells well, it stands to reason that its anime will be continued. In this particular case, Konosuba has done remarkably well since its anime debut.

Konosuba easily became the best selling light novel series of the first half of 2016, even beating the likes of other popular light novel series such as Sword Art Online, No Game No Life, and the Monogatari Series.

Konosuba is still a widely popular light novel series, and there should be some reasonable speculation that a third season could be produced sometime down the road.

Then again…

all might

Frankly, anime isn’t cheap. The production of an entire anime season can cost tens of millions of dollars at the minimum. Generally, publishing companies may forego extending an anime series if their return of investment doesn’t add up.

Apparently, the most popular manga and light novel series have longer anime durations. Although, by a particular set of unique circumstances, a publisher just may not renew an anime for another season, even if it’s popular. (Take for example one of my favorite anime series, Baka to Test.)

All in all, while no one is sure if Konosuba will receive another season, it’s not unreasonable to suspect that a third season is in the works for the foreseeable future.

Since it is 2018, keep your eyes peeled for any official announcements and teasers. You know I definitely will.

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