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Anime Review: My Hero Academia Episode 39: “Game Start” Review

Spring time is officially upon us with the highly-anticipated debut of the hit anime series My Hero Academia, which premiered on April 7. The 39th episode of the award-winning anime, titled “Game Start”, kicked off its third season, and it certainly did not disappoint. Although most of the episode was filled with recaps of the previous season, this episode featured some light-hearted moments of Class 1-A and some glimpses on what’s to come.

If you haven’t seen the full episode, feel free to watch it on Crunchyroll before diving into this review. Without further ado, here is BND Anime’s My Hero Academia Episode 39 Review.


My Hero Academia S3 Theme

My Hero Academia’s third season began with a some recap scenes of the previous season, mainly introducing Izuku Midoriya and his resolve to becoming the world’s best hero. The episode soon transitioned to the League of Villains, where Tomura and Kurogiri openly acknowledged Midoriya’s hero status and how he is a potential threat.

Meanwhile, Midoriya is training for UA’s upcoming training camp. He soon receives a visit from his classmates Mineta and Kaminari, whom invite Midoriya to accompany them to the UA pool in order to train. Unbeknownst to Midoriya, the duo’s true plot is to gaze at their female classmates who will also be at the pool. After gaining permission from Eraser, the trio head to the pool where they are joined by their entire homeroom class.

My Hero Academia S3 Pic 2

Afterwards, Midoriya meets up with Iida, and the two talk about their budding friendship from their first encounter. Their conversation is ultimately interrupted by Bakugo, who angrily wants to fight Midoriya. Iida instead challenges all of the boys to a swimming race and then places each male student into racing groups. In the first race, Bakugo wins by blasting his way to the finish line. In the second race, Todoroki slides his way to victory after freezing the water. In the third race, Midoriya narrowly defeats Iida using his quirk “One for All”.

In a race to settle everything, Bakugo challenges both Todoroki and Midoriya for a winner takes all match. However, Eraser negates the three’s quirks before they can race, declaring that everyone has exceeded their use of the pool. As the aspiring heroes go home, Eraser confides to Vlad King about the new location of the training camp, citing that only the higher-ups know about the new location. However, the episode ends with Tomura calling one of his friends to prepare the start of a “New Game”.


My Hero Academia S3 Kacchan

Typically, the first episode of a new season recaps on the events of the previous season. Regardless if this episode was filled with some clips of the previous two seasons, My Hero Academia episode 39 is a must-watch for those following the series. This episode shows some major glimpses into the next story arc, The Training Camp.

At the beginning of the episode, it’s clear that Midoriya has gotten stronger. In the swimming race against Iida, Midoriya perfectly used “One for All” without putting strain on his body. As a result, he raced past Iida in the race, even though Iida used his own quirk. This feat should definitely excite many fans who are patiently waiting for Midoriya’s rise to stardom.

My Hero Academia S3 Pic 3

In other news, Class 1-A is back together in this episode, and they are much closer than before. Iida and Midoriya are now close friends. Mineta and Kaminari, who initially didn’t think much about Midoriya, are now his friends. Bakugo and Todoroki, who may not have cordial feelings towards Midoriya, both acknowledge Midoriya as a strong ally and respect his power. The camaraderie in this class, in my opinion, will prove to be their greatest strength.

I’m saying this because of the huge hint Tomura and Eraser gave towards the end of the episode.

My Hero Academia S3 Pic 4

There must be some reason why UA’s training camp is being moved to another location. Is it because of the Villain Alliance? Probably. Tomura did seem very engaged in a conversation about starting a “New Game”.

My Hero Academia S3 Pic 5

My guess is that the Villain Alliance is anticipating to crash UA’s training camp party in the coming episodes. There are so many reasons why this season is going to be interesting! The Villain Alliance has notably gotten stronger with the addition of some new villains.

Check out the visuals of the Villain Alliance’s new additions.

hero 18 12

hero 18 11

hero 18 10

hero 18 9

I don’t know for sure if these villains will be introduced in the beginning of this season, but I do know that the Villain Alliance is up to something, and it’s not going to be good. However, the presence of All-Might and the growing potential of Midoriya and his friends should be enough to keep any villain at bay, at least for now.

Things I Liked:

Izuku Midoriya

I’m usually allergic to filler episodes (I blame Naruto Shippuden.), but there was no way that I was going to miss the season debut of My Hero Academia season three. Also, this episode wasn’t really a filler. I knew that the story progression would stall a bit, but there were some significant scenes in this episode that a real fan wouldn’t have wanted to miss.

I liked, well, I loved the third season’s opening theme. It captured the magic of this season and highlighted the spectacular events that’s on the way.

Do you seem what I mean?

I also liked the progression of the episode, which included this amazing racing scene, which was ruined by Eraser.

Midoriya was going to win that race for sure. In any case, if these three find a way to team up during this season, I truly feel sorry for the villain tries to stop them.

Things I Didn’t Like:


It pains me to say that I actually found something wrong with this episode. The one and only thing I didn’t like was the lack of interaction between Midoriya and Uraraka. I always found their interactions to be silly and cute, but it simply didn’t happen in the episode. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more from these two in the next episode and more into this season.

Final Grade:


Overall, My Hero Academia’s third season debut was well worth the wait. It featured insight into the progression of Midoriya character, included some light-hearted moments from Class 1-A, and displayed some chilling foreshadowing on what will happen next.

All in all, I’ll have to give this episode a near complete rating, 9.5/10.

The next episode premiers on April 14, and I’m truly pumped to see what happens next.

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