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Black Clover: Episode 12 Review

Hi, guys! This is Brandon, and I’m back with another anime review. Today, I’m going to review the 12th episode of Black Clover. Originally, I first saw Black Clover on Toonami at the beginning of the year. It actually caught my eye, and I have been watching it ever since. Therefore, I’m going to be doing some reviews on this show for the time being, at least until I get bored. You shouldn’t count on that, though.

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This episode picks up right where the previous left off. After defeating the mysterious foe Heath, Asta, Vanessa, and Noelle head to Castle City to have a shopping day after they got paid. In this city, Asta bumps into (I’m probably not spelling this right) Ha-hah, the guy he beat earlier in the Magic Knight Exams. Around this time, a random thief steals the winnings of an elderly lady.

Asta immediately chases after this bandit, and Ha-hah follows in suit to steal the glory from Asta. He actually succeeds and successfully subdues the thief. Although, irritated at Ha-hah’s laughing, the thief plunges a poison blade into Ha-hah’s foot. This causes Ha-hah to believe that he is dying, but he is soon healed by Vanessa who diagnoses the wound as non-life threatening.

Later, Asta and his friends return the money to the older lady after the thief is apprehended. Surprisingly, it turns out that the old lady is none other than the Wizard King in incognito, who is roaming the lands spying on talented magic knights. Impressed by Asta’s magic-nullifying sword, he then takes a look up at Yuno, who is flying above and disappears on another mission.

Meanwhile, Yuno and his team are tasked with being an escort to a young noble. The noble is fascinated with Yuno, but his captain Klaus isn’t too happy with Yuno’s idle attitude. Soon, Yuno’s team gets attacked, and Klaus is frustrated that Yuno rushed off to fight the enemies. He defeats all of them easily, much to the amazement of his team.

Later, the group arrives in Yuno’s old village, where Sister Lilly invites them to fellowship in the town Church. Everyone is pleased to enter, except Klaus who mumbles on in disgust.

My Feedback:



Finally, we actually got back to Yuno’s story! I don’t have a problem with Asta, but I wasn’t ready to see any fillers this early in the show. Though, it is starting to become apparent that Asta is getting stronger, especially with the way that he easily helped to subdue a magic-wielding thief. I was really surprised to see the Wizard King for the first time. To my understanding, he is the most powerful magic user in the world, yet he seems down to Earth and adventurous.

Though it was only a glimpse, a true anime connoisseur can quickly analyze that there is some destructive magic power oozing off him. It was great to see Yuno with his teammates Mimosa and Klaus. Mimosa is very friendly to Yuno, and probably has a crush on him. Powerful guys always get the girl, remember that. On the other hand, Klaus is a bit bothered by Yuno, and considers him to be a prideful recruit. That’s so ironic because he’s extremely arrogant.

In any case, we got to see Yuno in action in this episode, so that’s automatically going to garner a good review for me. I don’t know what’s yet in store for the next episode, but it should be good now that Yuno is on a mission. I can’t wait.

Final Grade:


I’m going to have to give this episode a 7.8/10. There was enough action to keep you glued to your seat, and the character development and plot is moving on nicely. Though Asta can be a little annoying sometimes, it’s all worth it. It’s actually how Naruto started out way back in the day, so I won’t complain.

Well, guys that’s it for this review! Remember to SUBSCRIBE, like, share, and comment on this post! I’ll be back with another review on Sunday as well. Enjoy your Sunday morning and be blessed, guys! Peace!





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