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My Hero Academia’s Season 3 Will Become a Classic

Hey, guys. I’m back on the blog, and I got something I want to share with you guys. As you may know, I have become a huge My Hero Academia fan over the past span of months. As you can imagine, I became extremely ecstatic when the third season for My Hero Academia was announced. Now, I’m spending my days just imagining what the third season will be like.

However, I am sure that the third season will become a classic, much like the previous seasons. There are many reasons why I believe this. For one, to my understanding, the third season won’t have just 13 episodes so that’s good. Second, we’re going to get a chance to see those scary looking villains in action. Here, you can take a look for yourself.

hero 18 12

hero 18 11

hero 18 10

hero 18 9

You see what I mean? I know for certain Deku and the entire 1-A class will get stronger. Rightfully so, they have to. Though, these enemies look tough, and that should be concerning since All Might is getting weaker by the day. Normally, there is always a powerful anime character that is usually the saving grace for the main protagonist.

In this case, that’s All Might. As Deku gets stronger, he gets weaker. Therefore, I expect Deku to take the role as the world’s savior at some point. Still, he has a long way to go, mainly because he can barely use 5% of his own power.

In this new season, I believe that we will also see more characrer development from Todoroki, Bakugo, Iida, and Uraraka. Those characters are important to the plot, especially Bakugo. I truly wonder if he and Deku will get along or learn how to work together. You have to think he will learn to. As for Todoroki, he’s obviously going to be a great ally to Deku. He is obviously the most talented hero Class 1-A has, and he’s only getting stronger.

Iida is still recovering from his injuries but has shown promise. Uraraka is starting to get stronger as well, and she has become Deku’s most effective ally along with Iida. The great thing about the trio is that their quirks allign. They are going to be a formiddable opponent for whatver enemy comes their way. That’s definitely for sure.

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