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Anime News: New Pokémon trailer reveals movie title and new characters

On Tuesday February 27, the official Pokémon website released a trailer and a few visuals for the upcoming Pokémon film in 2018. The title has been revealed as Gekijōban Pocket Monster: Minna no Monogatari (Pokémon the Movie: Everyone’s Story), and the website specifically displayed some new characters in the film. In the tagline, it reads, “Even what I can’t do alone, as long as I’m with you …”

The setting of the film is set in Frau City, where the annual wind festival is being held. The movie features the legendary Pokémon Lugia, who is providing the festival with its elegant wind. The film also features some brand new character in Ash (Satoshi’s) journey.
  • Risa, a new pokemon trainer.
  • Kagachi, an adult arrogant man who is confident in his abilities.
  • Torito, a soft-spoken yet insightful researcher.
  • Hisui, an eccentric elderly woman.
  • Rarugo, a mysterious young girl
pokemon 2
This film is the 21st installment in the legendary Pokémon franchise, and it will premier in Japan on July 13. The visuals also revealed that the move will retain many of the series’ previous staff such as Kunihiko Yuyama the director for most of the previous Pokémon films, and Aya Takaha the scriptwriter. Both of these individuals and their staff were present in the series’ previous film, Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!
Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! debutted last year in the Japanese box office, netting 516 million yen (about US$4.61 million) in its first two days. Many expect this new film to follow in suit in terms of success.

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