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Anime News: Chrono Trigger Releases on Steam

Chrono Trigger, the popular 1995 Japanese role playing game, has just been released on PC for Steam on Tuesday, according to Gematsu. Chrono Trigger has been revered as one of the best video games of all time for its stunning musical score, story-telling, and its unique battle system. The game is set in Truce Village in 1000 A.D., where Crono and his friends mistakenly travel back in time and witness the end of humanity. Determined to alter their bleak future, Crono and his allies attempt to change their present to prevent their future.

The PC version of the popular RPG is available on Steam for $14.99. A limited edition of the game will also be available until April 2, which features brand new music from famous composer Yasunori Mitsudsa, as well as six wallpapers.

Chrono Trigger was released in 1995 on the Super Nintendo console (SNES), becoming one of Square Enix’s masterpieces in its prime. The game’s art was produced by Akira Toriyama, the creator of the anime series Dragon Ball, and Yasunori Mitsudsa was the game’s composer. In 2008, Chrono Trigger was released on the Nintendo DS console, which featured substantial updates to the gameplay.

This port will feature new, enhanced graphics and music, as Square tries to reboot this classic for a newer generation.

[Sources: ANN, Gematsu]

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