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[Media Wednesday] My Top Anime For this Week and Trailers!

Guys, this is Brandon, and I am back on the blog with my first segment of Media Wednesday! Today, I’m going to go through some of the greatest and most trending moments in the anime industry. Guys, be sure to hit the subscribe button to subscribe for more great posts from the BNDA blog, and you can even like, comment, and share to totally interact and give your opinion on this post.

Anyway, here goes nothing!

5. Boruto Gets Good!

naruto ramen

I just threw some shade at Boruto with this picture. I mean, come on, Naruto is still the star of Boruto and it’s not even a debate. Honestly, in my opinion, I haven’t been all too pleased with the ongoing storyline of the new series. The story seems bland and repetitive, and Boruto hasn’t even begun to make an identity for himself.

Everyone knows that he has to soon because his dad, the Savior of the Hidden Leaf, the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki, the Hero of the 4th Great Ninja War, the 7th Hokage, and strongest shinobi in the entire ninja universe, is none other than Naruto, the protagonist in the previous series.

Still, I have to admit. We did get to see a brilliant episode this month when Naruto, Sasuke, and Sarada took on Shin. Take a look!

Naruto…you didn’t have to do the boy like that… In any case, I guess Sasuke moved up from being the worst anime dad in history in this episode (it was Goku at first). Well, then again…you tell me.

C’mon, you can’t give him any excuses. He has the Rinnegan and the Sharringan and can’t recognize his daughter, but he can basically see through anything? I’m not buying it! Well, Goku may still be the worst anime dad…

Welp! It’s a tie…

4. Vegeta is Soft!


No news here! Everyone knew this. Guys, Vegeta is becoming a living teddy bear every episode, literally. For a guy who used to be the ruthless Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta is now a loving family man and warrior. I wrote a whole piece on the subject awhile ago, but you can actually see it for yourself here:

I’ve been following Dragon Ball Super for a while, and this caught me by surprise. This guy loves his wife. It’s sure a breath of fresh air from what he used to be.

Here’s hoping that Vegeta eventually accomplishes becoming the strongest warrior in the universe and fulfills his life-long dream of producing a hip-hop single with us in the near future.

3. I’m Loving JoJo!


I recently picked up this anime from Toonami and I haven’t looked back since. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is a cool action-adventure anime series that follows the adventures of Jojo and his epic travels around the world.

I was especially taken by this awesome fight that I watched yesterday. Take a look!

Boy, this is getting good. Toonami is a blessing, so you guys should tune in when you can!

2. New Anime is Coming this Fall!

my background

You heard it here! The Fall 2017 season of anime is shortly approaching, and like-minded anime fans may want to get in on the action to find more brilliant anime series to watch. Lucky for you, I found a useful video that includes trailers of upcoming anime titles this fall. Enjoy!

Looks cool, right! I’ll update you guys more when a list comes in from My Anime List for the Fall 2017 season.

1. My Hero Academia is the Best!


My Hero Academia is the best anime series airing right now. There is no argument. In any case, the last episode of this series included an awesome fight between the team of Deku and Bakugo and their enemy, All Might.

The battle was nothing short of spectacular. You can see some of it here to see what you missed:

Yep! It was truly amazing. You can watch it online on Crunchyroll, Hulu, or whatever streaming service you use (Keep it legal, guys!). You can even check out the episode review from my family at Manga Tokyo.

Well, that’s it for Media Wednesday! If you liked this article, be sure to hit the like and share button! Also, if you have any comments, be sure to type them out below, especially if you liked this article! For more wacky, elaborate, and funny posts on your favorite anime shows, be sure to follow the Bran New Day Anime Blog!

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