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[Feature Tuesday] 3 Main Predictions for My Hero Academia Season 3

Scared you guys, didn’t I!? Guys, I am back and like I told you, I haven’t forgot about BNDA’s new blogging format. Today, I’m back, without a warning, just in time to give you Feature Tuesday! That said, today I’m going to talk about one of the hottest anime in world right now, My Hero Academia. 

As you may know, the most recent episode concluded the second season, according to an article written by yours truly. With a third season obviously in the works for the near future, I want to explain my three main predictions for the third season to give you all something to look forward to.

Well, here I go!

3. All Might Will Die

all might

Let’s face it. After Deku and the gang beat Stain, even Gran Torino knew that Deku was getting stronger. That means, as Deku gets stronger, All Might gets weaker. During the first and second season, we saw Deku grow from a useless one-trick pony into an admirable budding hero with loads of potential.

All Might sees this potential, and he knows he doesn’t have long. I believe that All Might’s time will run out in the third season. I never read the manga, so I could be wrong, but I know that it takes multiple manga chapters to made a season of anime so we definitely don’t know what’s going to happen.

In my mind, I believe we might get a good few moments from All Might before he either dies protecting everyone or withering away in favor of Deku’s growth. In both cases, we’ll certainly miss you, All Might.

2. Bakugo will Defect


Man, do I see a lot of Sasuke in Bakugo… Oh, wait. He’s nothing like Sasuke. Bakugo is…ruthless, arrogant, and power-hungry, which are no qualities of a good hero. In the season finale, he even attacked Deku when they were both teamed up to fight All Might. He vowed that he would rather lose than to let Deku help him.

In sincerity, Bakugo hates Deku with a passion. Even his teachers fear that his growing hatred will corrupt him in the long run. While I do not believe that Bakugo will become a antagonist, I do believe that he will be swayed to the villain side, even for a moment.

Think about it. What does Bakugo value more than anything? It’s power. If a villain can persuade him to join the evil side with a promise of more power, that can defeat Deku, then he’ll bolt UA in a heartbeat.

1. Deku and Uraraka will Get Closer

deku and uraraka

I truly believe in the relationship between Deku and Uraraka. After all, they’re cute together. In the second season, both of the characters became close friends, and you can see that Uraraka admires Deku a whole lot.

I’m assuming that Uraraka had to take a long thought about how she was going to say no, right? Well, no. She likes him, and Deku likes her back. It’s obvious to us anime fans. Still, for season three, all I can surmise is that both of them will become a lot closer.

Heck, they just might go on a date. Who knows?

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3 thoughts on “[Feature Tuesday] 3 Main Predictions for My Hero Academia Season 3”

  1. I’m with you on All Might dying. I kind of thought that would happen this season given they seemed to be leading us there, so who knows. As for Bakugo, I really do think that he’s been heading to the dark side for awhile though it will be interesting to see whether the story goes there or whether he just shows us a different pathway to being a hero to Midoirya’s.
    Though, Midoriya and Uraraka getting together would be adorable, somehow I don’t know that they have time to include it, unless they somehow tie that back into the plot.
    Thanks for sharing your predictions, though MAL tells me there’s another episode still to air on the 30th.


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