[Announcements] I’m Not Dead!

Hey, guys! Let’s cut to the chase. As you all may know, I am a full time aniblogger, and I am so busy. I work all day every day, and I find time to blog…for free, that is. Anyway, I just want to let you all know that I am not dead. Also, I plan on continuing the new blog schedule, but some urgent matters have popped up and captured my attention.

To start, on Tuesday morning, I just found out that my wife is pregnant and I’m going to be a daddy! I honestly can’t believe it. I’m so young and yet I’m about to be blessed with a child. After finding out this news, I had to go to all of these appointments with my wife, and that stopped me from getting any work done, so I apologize. I’m actually in an appointment right now! So, bear with me guys. I’m doing the best I can to write engaging and useful content for you guys, and right now, I’ve just been hit with the best news of my life.

You guys should have seen the way I found out about this. I was in the middle of planning for Feature Tuesday, and Bree called me and told me to come meet my biggest fan. I had no idea of what she was talking about and I was a bit irritated because I worked all day and I really wanted to write for Feature Tuesday. Then, when I got to the clinic, the doctor said, Congratulations, Mr. Lee. Again, I didn’t know what was going on, then she called me over to “meet my biggest fan”, and the doctor had to explain to me in detail what the good news was. I couldn’t help but smile… She got me good.

Update! I am typing this, it seems as if the baby is going to be a boy. With that said, me and Bree have already planned on naming him, Brinan (Bren-nen), which is pretty similar to both of our names. Sorry that the name couldn’t be Naruto or Yuri. Guys, I am so excited and I plan on continuing to update you guys, as well as post more content on this blog.

I set some interviews up with people in the anime industry, and I compiled all of the information for the schedule days. Whew, I typed 374 words almost too quick. See, even I practice everyday.

Wish me luck! Brandon, out!

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