[News Table Monday] August 2nd Week Edition

Hey, guys, and welcome to Bran New Day Anime’s News Table Monday. As I discussed in the announcement on last Saturday, Bran New Day Anime is dissecting the days of the week into specific themes. Accordingly, today is News Table Monday and I will be presenting you the top, relevant news in the anime industry. Here they are:

  1. Popular light novel, Knight’s & Magic Manga, created by Hisago Amazake-no, is in the process of getting an anime series. The series is so popular in Japan that 1.2 million copies of the manga and light novel are right now in circulation. Watch out for this one. The popularity just may translate to America and beyond.
  2. For those who enjoy Elegant Yokai Apartment Life, you can rejoice. The anime is continuing for 2nd consecutive cours (quarters of a year). The 2nd cour will premier in October.
  3. Today, Yen Press announced that it will publish The Witch’s House manga both in Japan and abroad. The first two chapters will be released on August 9th, which is Wednesday. Be sure to check that out, guys!
  4. Violet Evergarden is set to be streamed worldwide by Netflix. It looks like anime is getting more exposure these days thanks to American companies investing into the popular Japanese media.
  5. Are you guys familiar with the anime, Just Because? Well, it has been announced that Nagi Yanagi will perform the opening theme. So, what’s the big deal? Well, check it out!

6. Anime series, Dances with the Dragons is all set for its debut, and a few visuals have been released. Check it out!

dances with dragons

7. Outlaw Star is set to premier on Toonami on August 27th. I announced this previously, but I just wanted to make it clear. You guys got to check this anime out when it debuts.

Well, that’s all I have for today. 

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Happy News Table Monday, everyone!

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