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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 18 Review


Alright! I just finished watching the 18th episode of My Hero Academia season 2. While this episode wasn’t packed with action, it did give everyone some foresight into what Midoriya’s next obstacles will be. All in all, watching this episode was pretty satisfying as I got the chance to see some funny and drama-evoking moments. I have been in love with this series since the first day I watched it, and I’m proud to present my review of My Hero Academia episode 18.

Episode 18: The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain

hero 18 1

This episode had a different pace from its predecessors. To start, episode 18 is the first episode after the Stain arc, and the storyline doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In this episode, a lot of hints were given that the Villain Alliance is growing more powerful. Check it out!


hero 18 2

The episode begins with Iida, Todoroki, and Midoriya all recovering in the hospital after their battle with the Hero Killer, Stain. They all discuss the events that occurred, but are suddenly interrupted by Manual and Gran Torino. They inform the trio that their actions have severe consequences on society and introduce them to Hosu’s chief of police, Kenji Tsuragamae.

Kenji reminds the trio that their quirks are dangerous and considered weapons. He informs them Stain’s injuries were severe, basically indicating that they went overboard. Kenji explains that a hero’s main job is to save people, and basically, the trio fought Stain head on without even letting their supervisors know where they were. He harshly reprimands them, and Todoroki gets angry, citing that if they would’ve walked away, Iida and Native would have been killed and so for Midoriya if he hadn’t showed up.

hero 18 3

The police chief firmly stands on his ideology and criticizes Todoroki’s resolve. Todoroki becomes furious, but he is stopped by Gran Torino who urges him to hear Kenji out. The police chief finishes by stating that he is thankful for their actions, but they must be all be punished for breaking the rules, including Manual and Gran Torino.

hero 18 4

They all accept, and Kenji tells them all that Endeavor will take the credit for Stain’s defeat and their actions will go unnoticed.

hero 18 7

However, he bows and thanks them all for what they have done, signifying his own personal gratitude. Meanwhile, Midoriya informs Uraraka and his friends on what happened, but as he goes back into the hospital room, Iida informs him that his arm has suffered long term damage from his fight with Stain and it may not heal properly. Although Midoriya is shocked and heart broken, Iida remains determined to remain a hero and keep his arm injured until he can truly become a “real” hero. They even share a laugh as Todoroki quips that every time he is involved in something, someone’s arm gets shot, citing Midoriya’s scar from their fight.

hero 18 8

Furthermore, All Might receives a call from Gran Torino regarding the incident with Stain. He informs All Might that Stain’s ideology scared him and that it may inspire villains to team up once more. He even makes references to All Might’s greatest rival, the man who crippled him and killed his master, indicating that he may just be alive. The show ends as two villains discuss Stain’s impact on the villain world. Suddenly, new villains are shown springing from the woodwork as one of the villains plays a recording of Stain’s propaganda clip.

Boy, just look at these new villains:

hero 18 9

hero 18 10

hero 18 11


hero 18 12

Honestly, I was comfortable with how fast the episode was going. Nothing was being left out, and there was drama on every turn. On one end, I’m wondering if Iida’s injury will be a setback for him, and I’m so excited to see these new villains coming to light. Also, I’m a bit concerned about All Might. Gran Torino confided in him that he would need to tell Midoriya all about All Might and himself. This can’t be good. Something bad is going to happen. I can feel it.

In any case, I love how the writers didn’t waste time after the Stain arc. For anyone that watches Naruto, you know after one big fight, 100 filler episodes follow. With this episode, there were some light-hearted moments, some drama, and some foreshadowing into what the next arc may be. My Hero Academia never fails to amaze me! Therefore I would give the plot a 10/10. I can’t wait to the next episode to see how this all ties in.

I also like how comfortable Midoriya is with his friends and Todoroki. Todoroki is starting to realize just how powerful Midoriya is, and he seems to have mad respect for Iida, even though Iida kind of got himself into a mess in the previous episodes. All in all, it’s pretty touching.

hero 18 5

Plus, it’s refreshing to see Midoriya getting his lady game on talking to Uraraka. You might think that it was just a friendly conversation, but the pictures should tell you otherwise. Something is developing there, and it’s cute.

hero 18 6

Gosh, I told myself I wouldn’t say that. With all of that said, I’ll give the character profiles a 9/10.

As I stated before, this episode is a cool down since it is the first episode after the Stain arc, so the action department isn’t going to qualify for this particular episode. However, the drama in this episode is enough to make you sit down and watch this episode without skipping. I want to see who Midoriya and the UA kids have to fight next, and I want to know more about All Might’s past and just who caused him to be so injured. The next episode should shed some light on that. In essence, I’ll give the drama department a 10/10.

My Overall Assessment:


All in all, this episode of My Hero Academia was pretty entertaining. I got to know more about Stain and how impactful he was to the Hosu City. I also got to see Midoriya finally settle into his role and get along more with Todoroki, who could prove to become a fearsome duo in the future. And, I’m truly worried about All Might and Iida’s injury. On a less serious note, I’m rooting for Uraraka and Midoriya now. This is a hero-style shonen and the hero always gets the girl. Remember that! Overall, this show is rated a perfect 10/10.

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2 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 18 Review”

  1. Uraraka and Midoriya were so cute on the phone. Absolutely loved that scene and how this episode really did deal with the fall out of Stain’s arrest and showing us how the world is changing because of him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.


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