[Announcement] Bran New Day Anime is Changing its MO!

Hey, everyone! Now that I’m back for good, I want to give a new announcements of how Bran New Day Anime is going to run from now on. I divided each weekday into sections of posts I’ll be doing in order to make each day organized and in sync with one another. Effective immediately, here are the edits for Bran New Day Anime’s new weekly schedule and some more announcements about things in my life and how they affect the blog. Listen up, guppies!

Weekly Schedule

Mondays: News Table Monday


Bran New Day Anime will provide up to date news from the anime industry, collected from the previous week and that day. Frequent news alerts can be confusing. Therefore, our goal is to give you all of your news upfront so you can get on with your lives and be informed. Knowledge is power!

Tuesdays: Feature Tuesday


Bran New Day Anime will create enticing and interesting feature posts throughout the day, informing readers about the anime industry and otaku culture. Also, we plan on securing interviews with heavyweights in the anime industry so you can pick their brains.

Wednesdays: Media Wednesday


Bran New Day Anime will compile an assortment of relevant anime videos, photos, and memes in order to entertain our readers. We will also try to include an episodic podcast for our viewers so that our (MY) voice will be heard on certain discussions and opinions.

Thursdays: Helpful Tip Thursday


Bran New Day Anime will encourage our readers to better themselves through their own professions as it pertains to the anime industry. We know there are a lot of artists and writers who have aspirations that may seem bleak now, but our goal is to bring in like-minded individuals to inspire our readers to reach new heights with their careers and goals.

Fridays: Random Friday


Bran New Day Anime will mix it up and bring our readers unique and random content on anime and manga. These posts can be anything. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Saturdays: Review Saturday


Bran New Day Anime will post reviews on certain anime shows, while opening up a forum for our readers to suggest shows for us to watch. All in all, we hope we can compile an encyclopedia, describing every anime show in detail. There is such a long way to getting to that point, but we’re up to it!

Sundays: Recap Sunday


Bran New Day Anime will recap the events of the entire week in a few visual posts for everyone to see. We will also give announcements on what we plan to do next and open up a forum for our readers to join in the discussion.


light novel 1

Alright, guys. I do have a few announcements to put out there for the month of August and beyond. To start, I plan to release a few more sneak peaks into my upcoming light novel, Final Arcane. You can view the first sneak peak here.

Also, I have been talking to my graphic artist, you guys can call her Elli. We have discussed designing and selling anime themed clothing to the public, as well as cosplay items. I plan to launch a store on this site in November selling those products, but I’m going to need some help coming up with a name for this store. Eh. I’m sure it’ll work itself out.


Lastly, I want to reiterate that Final Arcane will be released on October 15th on online marketplaces and bookstores such as Amazon, NOOK, Book Walker, and Barnes and Noble. I also plan on distributing Final Arcane around the world, even in the renowned Mandarake store. So, I have a lot on my plate in these coming months. Wish me luck, and give me your prayers.

Well, that’s all I got! If you liked this, be sure to hit the like and share button! Also, if you have any comments, be sure to type them out below, especially if you tried this recipe! For more wacky, elaborate, and funny posts on your favorite anime shows, be sure to follow the Bran New Day Anime Blog!

Also be sure to follow me on Twitter at @SoMisunderstoo1 and on Facebook on the Bran New Day Anime page!



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      1. Also, in WordPress reader I can still see your old brannewdayblog being tied up with your name, haha. See if you can change that to your current one.


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