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5 Tips on How to Embrace Your Inner Otaku Everywhere

Boy, is this article was long overdue. Everyone who watches anime has experienced a sort of shame while doing it, especially around others for the first time. Personally for me, I really didn’t care once I got older. I used to watch anime publicly with my friends in high school. As a matter fact, I used to be a cartoon junkie, until all the cartoons became garbage about two years ago. Anyway, I compiled five tips on how you can embrace your inner otaku everywhere you go. Enjoy!

Watch Different Types of Anime

watch different types of anime

Mainstream anime like Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, and Tokyo Ghoul are all amazing, but you won’t actually begin to appreciate and enjoy all of the aspects of anime until you adventure out of your comfort zone. I’ll admit; this took time for me. I started out with Naruto and Dragon Ball Z when Toonami used to air on Cartoon Network on weekdays, but I got into the anime club in high school and heard about titles like Baka and Test, Angel Beats, Mitchiko and Hatchin, and Sword Art Online (when it was new).

After watching these shows, I wanted to watch more different types of anime. I still love my shonen anime shows like My Hero Academia, but I really love slice of life, comedy, and school drama anime titles as well. I even finished the harem romance anime series, Zero no Tsukaima a few months back. Guys, don’t knock anything until you try it. Venture out and explore some distinct anime titles to watch. If you’re not sure where to begin searching, refer to My Anime List or Honey’s Anime. You can even use Reddit for a wide variety of recommendations.

Write About your Experiences

write about your experiences.

Writing about your experiences as you venture deeper in the otaku realm will introduce you into the world as someone who is very proud of who they are and what they do. Even though anime is the best form of media there is, in terms of viewership [citation needed], some people are pretty ashamed to let others know that they watch it. I guess it’s like coming out of the closet for a lot of people.

In order to feel more comfortable our your inner otaku, you can start your own anime blog where can you write about your own experiences in the niche. Not only will this endeavor let the world know that you’re not ashamed of anime, but it will attract like-minded individuals to encourage you every step of the way. If you need tips on getting started, you can learn all about how to become a successful blogger with these steps mentioned in my article here.

Get Friends Who Enjoy Anime

anime friends

No, I’m not saying throw away your friends who may not be familiar with it. I’ll get to that in a second. Obtaining friends who have the same interest as you is a great way of becoming one with your self interests. In any case, engaging in anime forums is a great method of meeting like-minded individuals who love the same things as you. Once you feel comfortable talking about anime with your friends, you’ll generally feel accepted and start embracing your inner otaku everywhere, no matter what anyone says. Take it from me.

I met some of my closest friends on the Eden Eternal shoutbox. We still talk to this very day, and I even met some of them in person for a night on the town. Boy, it brings back memories, especially when one of them took my wallet with a switchblade to my neck. I’m just kidding. Be careful though, guys. There are predators out there.

Talk to Your Friends about Anime

talk to friends about anim

True friends accept you for who you are.

-Sage Brandon Lee

You can quote me on that. I don’t care who said it first. Anyway, I remember when I told my friends I was into anime. I was a freshman in high school. Surprisingly, all of them really didn’t harass me about it. Now, they call me every now and then asking me for recommendations on what anime they should watch, saying, “Man, anime is good!”

What I’m trying to say is that if you approach your friends with something that you like, they should respect it, more often than not. Don’t be scared. Coming out of your comfort zone and embracing your inner otaku means letting your friends know that you’re into anime, and then letting everyone else know as well. Lucky for me, my dad was super into anime way back in the 80’s with Fist of the North Star and Dragon Ball. He was even going to name me Piccolo before I was born. Thank God, he didn’t. Brandon Lee fits me just fine.

Go to an Anime Convention

anime con

This is the ultimate step of embracing your inner otaku, the true test if you will. Just like NBA fans yearn to go to the NBA Finals, and NFL and WWE fans hope to someday participate in the Super Bowl and Wrestlemania, anime conventions are considered the mecca for any self-proclaimed otaku. From what I read, participating in an anime convention is a life-time experience.

It’s a lot of fun and the perfect way for you to indulge with the otaku spirit brewing inside of you. Anime Expo is the largest anime convention in North America, and it’s in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. So if you want to attend an anime convention, Anime Expo is the place to go. Personally, I have never been to an anime convention, but I plan to go next year, and I have the perfect costume. Scoot over, Mike Daniels:


Since my girlfriend, Bree, is going with me, I’ll beg to cosplay as Mabui from Naruto Shippuden. That’s if I can talk her into it…

All in all, embracing your inner otaku takes some serious self-actualization. If you follow these tips, you will be sure to let the whole world know that you are an otaku, loud and proud!

ROFL! That cracks me up every time!

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