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5 Great Tips on How to Become a Successful Ani-Blogger

I’m a very friendly person, so I thought it would be nice to post something that could help the reader out in a profound way. You may be thinking: Who is this guy? How can this nobody give advice to anyone. Well, there are some things most people do not know about me. In this article, I’ll share five great tips on how to become a successful ani-blogger and give some of my experiences as well. Enjoy!

My Background:

my background

Although this blog is relatively new, I have been writing professionally for awhile now. In 2010, I broke into professional writing as a means to make a supplementary income while I was in school. I had no idea on how to write, actually. Though, I just wanted to give it a try. Long story short, I began my journey writing for The Content Authority. Needless to say, everything I wrote was horrible.

The Content Authority is a content mill, which gives its writers writing assignments that typically look like this:

Title: 5 DIY Helpful Tips on How to Successfully Install Your own Solar Panels

Word Count: 750 words

Keyword Density: 0.5%

Keyword: DIY solar panel installation

Format: Use five headers, with bullets and external links to other relevant information and quality resources.

Special directions: Please follow all directions properly or your article will be promptly rejected. Use the keyword exactly three times in the article, twice in the body and once in the introduction paragraphs. Make sure spelling and grammar is immaculate.

I didn’t know anything about keywords, SEO, or any formats. Everything I wrote was rejected, and I wanted to give up soon after. However, I saw one glimmer of hope and it transformed me. I read an article about how writers tend to write better when they are given interesting topics. So, I learned from trial and error how content was supposed to work, I researched how to do SEO, and I picked up content marketing strategies from free webinars.

All in all, I became a better writer, and I got gigs writing professionally for big clients, but I was only making $5 per 500 words. For any experienced writer out there, you will understand that $5 per 500 is peanuts. However, I kept writing, and I never got complacent. My rate soon went up to $7 per 500 words, and then to $10 per 500 words. I just kept writing, especially when I got a girlfriend (future wife). I wanted to have money for dates and stuff, and I was still in school. Besides, writing is so much better than a 9-5, or God forbid, a fast food restaurant job. Ewww!


About three years ago, I made a breakthrough and started writing about video games. It paid well, but not actually enough to make a modest living. That’s the thing about writing. You have to always keep at it to make a decent living. When I graduated from high school, I actually got the courage to write about anime because I got tired of writing about boring stuff like glass storefronts and lingerie (Yes, I had a gig doing this. It paid very well and I’m not ashamed.)

Surprisingly, I picked up paid gigs writing for venues such as Manga Tokyo and Crunchyroll, and most recently, the Otaku USA Magazine. I now make a living writing about anime and otaku culture full time. It took years of perfecting my craft and dedication, but it’s worth it. Here are some tips from me that will get you started.

Keep At It!

keep at it

This is so cliche, yet it’s so true. The only way you actually become successful at doing something is if you keep doing it. Rule of thumb, duh! I started writing and kept at it, even though there was no feasible incentive of doing so. $5 per 500 words is brutal. Literally at this sentence right now, I would have only made $5 writing at that rate. Who wants to do that? Writing is an intricate art, and it takes so much thought to put meaningful words on a document. Yet, I kept pursuing and working hard, and now I make $50 an article, and double if I go over 1000 words. Persistence pays off. That will never go out of style, folks.

Always Write!

keep writing.gif

Keeping at it and always writing are two different things. When I say, always write, I mean it literally. For those who know me, I guest post very frequently, even though I’m not paid for it. I write for the love of it, and you should too if you want to be a successful blogger. Writing frequently has a wide array of benefits. You can hone and perfect your craft. You can gain popularity and build a fanbase, which = traffic. And, traffic = clicks and; clicks = moola! In addition, writing frequently can establish valuable connections within your industry. After years of writing, I met a lot of people who referred me around to big name companies, giving me the opportunities I have now. So, it’s there. You just have to work for it. Blogging is never easy, you know.

Do your Homework

do your homework

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.

Hosea 4:6 NIV

If I were to take the first sentence from that Scripture and use it as an allusion, it would indirectly tell you that a lack of knowledge is detrimental to anything that you are trying to do. If you don’t know anything about blogging or how to be successful at it, then do your research. It makes no sense to be complacent about it. For years, I used to write professionally for my clients, and now that I’m a bit more experienced, I realize that it was all wrong. I’m still doing my homework, and it doesn’t look like I’ll ever stop. Trends always change.

Blogging is a very complex practice. Yet, you have a computer or some type of capable device right in front of you. You must do if you are reading this. That said, you have access to the Internet, man and woman’s best teacher. See what I did? I said man and woman’s best teacher. Yeah, in college, I learned that mankind is obsolete and insensitive, especially in a world where women are dominating. Here, check out my diploma:


Anyway, if you want to be successful at writing and blogging then you will need to actually put in the effort to learn as much as you can about the blogging industry and put that information to use.

Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection


Rejection always makes a good success story. Just ask my man, Deku. In my writing career, I have been rejected more times than I can count. For example, I sent pitches to Listverse, one of the hardest publications to get published at about three years ago. They denied me about 11 times, and I actually took the time out of my day to write these elaborate features for them. The editor even told me that one of my articles was complete trash. Maybe about a year later, I tried again and poured my heart into what I wrote, and came up with an irresistible topic. Fast forward a few weeks later and here I am on Listverse.

The same goes with my other gigs. I inquired to write for a number of anime publications back in the day, including Anime News Network, another hard publication to get into. Even now, ANN never got around to choosing me for a position. I may not have gotten into writing for ANN, but Honey’s Anime expressed their interest in my talent and placed me on their go-to-list when they need a feature. See, rejection is good in a lot of ways. Don’t let it discourage you. Get up and keep pushing. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Embrace it!

Be Creative

be creative

Innovation is the key to success.

-Brandon Lee [Citation Needed]

Don’t quote me on that. I’m sure that someone has said that already. In any case, what I am saying is that innovation is a product of creativity, and that almost always equates to success. If you follow all of of the tips online on how to become a successful blogger, your blog will just become like all of the rest. The truly successful blogs are the ones that step out of the box, away from the status quo.

Remember that. I mean, take Bran New Day Anime for example. For one, the name is quite unique. The content on this blog is also creative because I add a unique twist to each and every article I write. If you can do the same and add your own flare to your blog and your articles, you will succeed at building your own fanbase who will love you for who you are.

Well, that’s all I got on this topic. If you liked be sure to hit the like and share button! Also, if you have any comments, be sure to type them out below. For more wacky, elaborate, and funny posts on your favorite anime shows, be sure to follow the Bran New Day Anime Blog!

Also be sure to follow me on Twitter at @SoMisunderstoo1 and on Facebook on the Bran New Day Anime page!

*The diploma presented was entirely invalid and totally does not in any way discourage the reader from actually attending a college institution. However, you can print your own fake diploma using Certificate Magic at your own discretion.*


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