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Code Geass Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Hey, guys! I’m back with a review of an anime I should have watched years ago, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. For those that have watched this show, Code Geass is one of the most popular anime series in the world, and a must-watch for any anime fan. After watching the first three episodes, I’m truly hooked. I was actually about to watch five, but I knew I had to stop. Without further ado, here is my review on the first episode of Code Geass.

Episode 1: The Day a New Demon Was Born

code geass 1

I’ll admit. After watching just the first few minutes of this episode, I had no idea on what the series was about or what was going on. It usually takes me episodes to generally figure these things out, but I sorta got a gist of everything after the first eleven minutes.


code geass 5

Basically, in this show, the world is separated into superpowers. Specifically, Britannia is the superpower that conquers Japan in 2010, and now the Britannian people populate Japan while the Japanese live in a restricted zone named “Area 11”. The episode actually begins with Lelouch, the main protagonist, playing with his friend Suzaku. A few moments later, both of the friends turn to look as the war begins. Lelouch proudly proclaims that he will destroy Brittania.

Seven years later, Lelouch and his friend Rivalz are on their way to school, but stop to play a Britannia noble in a game of Chess. Lelouch defeats the noble, using his genius intellect, in just nine minutes. He even uses the King as a pawn, which is rare in Chess by the way. Anyway, Lelouch and Rivalz leave and are on their way to school when the vehicle of two terrorists nearly crashes into them.

code geass 3

The vehicle crashes into a wall nearby and Lelouch tries to offer help. However, he soon falls into the vehicle as the terrorists drive off. Then, it is revealed that these terrorists are a part of the Japanese Resistance. Their names are Nagata and Kallen, and they are being pursued by the Britannia military for harboring what they believe to be poisonous gas.

girl code geass

Nagata tells Kallen that they need to split up in order for one of them to stay alive. Kallen agrees and goes out to battle the military. Meanwhile, Nagata drives the vehicle into a ditch and gets stuck. He is gravely injured from the earlier crash and collapses shortly after. Lelouch tries to escape the truck but stumbles upon a tank of poisonous gas. Suddenly, the tank opens up and it turns out to just be a girl. Right then, Lelouch is attacked by an Honorary Britannian who just happens to be his old friend, Suzaku. Suzaku reveals himself to Lelouch but just as he does this, a troop of Honorary Britannians storm in.

They order Suzaku to kill Lelouch and he refuses. The commander shoots Suzaku in the back for insubordination, and proceeds to do it himself, but Nagata explodes the truck and Lelouch escapes with the girl in tow. Meanwhile, Viceroy Clovis is frustrated with the ensuing chase and orders that the Shinjuku Ghetto, a dwelling-place of Japanese residents, be eliminated. As such, the military wipes out all of the “elevens” in the area.

Somewhere else, Lelouch and the girl appear to be hiding from the slaughter when Lelouch cell phone rings and they both are caught by the Royal Guard. Even though the Royal Guard knows he is innocent, they attempt to kill him, but the girl jumps in the way and gets shot in the forehead. The Royal Guard remains unfazed and aims a gun at Lelouch.


In what he believes to be his dying moments, Lelouch puts his thoughts on Nunnally as an unfamiliar voice reaches out to him. It turns out to be the fallen girl. She offers him a contract, granting him the power of a king. Lelouch humbly accepts the contract and is given a new power. With this power he orders the Royal Guard to kill themselves, which they do without question.

At the climax, Lelouch realizes that his life has been a lie all along, but firmly states that he will accept the task in front of him along with his new power.


code geass 2

Personally, I was confused with how fast the story was going. Though, this episode wasted no time in getting straight to the point of the show. Lelouch grew up resenting Britannia, and now he has been given the power to do something to change the world. This was fitting because Lelouch said to his friend that it was hopeless trying to change the world in the first place.

In my opinion, I would give the plot an 8/10. The storyline was eye-opening to me. I was in shock of a storyline that pitted a Japanese resistance group against the Brittanian Empire, especially when the Japanese are the ones being enslaved. That was new for me.


I also give the character profiles an 9/10. Lelouch is a genius-level guy who has the power to mind control people at will. He’s also laid-back, focuses, and superbly incisive. His down to Earth nature is great as well because I love characters who think in tight situations (Izuku Midoriya!). I can also see in this episode that Lelouch has some colorful friends as well. Milly, Nina, and Shirley were seen in the episode complaining about Lelouch’s gambling habits and his frequent tardiness. Though, the characters could have been animated a little better. They look like pencils.

So, I guess that Lelouch is a bad boy, too. From just one episode, I can tell that his friend Rivalz is a typical best friend and straight man, and I am intrigued to know more about Suzaku. All in all, the characters interest me a whole lot.

Lastly, I would give the action department a 9/10. Seriously, they wasted no time with the introductions and other non-essentials. Kallen battled the Britannia military in her battle suit, and the the Brittania military was impressive themselves. I kind of hate Viceroy Clovis for ordering the purge of a bunch of innocent Japanese folks. Though, what can I say. The show got real!

My Overall Assessment

code geass 6

In all, I loved the first episode, and the drama has certainly been laid out. I certainly wished that all of the events would have went by much slower, but an anime show only has so much time. Another thing that could have been better was the graphics. This show did come out in 2006, but everyone looked mostly like super-tall skinny weirdos for the most part. I’ll try my best to bear through it. All in all, this was a great episode and I’m looking forward to the next. 9/10!

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