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[Analysis] Shakugan no Shana’s Bizarre But Lovable Ending

Before I went on my impromptu sabbatical, I started watching Shakugan no Shana, an anime series I always wanted to watch but never had the time to do so. I instantly loved the series, but months after I finished it, I finally understood what actually went down. I’ll just explain my findings to everyone who may have had trouble keeping up. After all, the second season went by in such a blur.

What the World Was Bal Masque’s Plan?

bal masque

As it turns out, in the Crimson Realm, the Flame Hazes and the Denizens are involved in an eternal conflict over the balance of the human world and the Crimson Realm. Denizens normally prey on the power of existence from humans, and Flame Hazes serve as a police unit to balance these attacks.

Bal Masque, the premier organization of Denizens, formulated a scheme in which they would create a parallel world named Xanadu, which would become a paradise for Denizens, where they would have an unlimited amount of power of existence. However, the Flame Hazes opposed this idea because they believed that the creation of Xanadu would cause a stir between the human world, the Crimson Realm, and even Xanadu itself.

So, in the entire second season of Shakugan no Shana, Bal Masque is up against the entire league of Flame Hazes. Though one person seems to tip the balance in favor of Bal Masque, and that is the Snake of the Festival, whom is inside of Yuji Sekai.

For me, the storyline of Shakugan no Shana was pretty difficult to grasp at first, especially since the series wasn’t that long. So in sum, Bal Masque and the Denizens were tired of with the Flame Hazes for power of existence, and wanted to create a world where they could have an unlimited supply of it. Obviously, this would drain nearly all of it from the human world, and the Flame Hazes were against it.

Seriously, it took me three months to start figuring this out.

Who Won in the End?

shana 2

There is always a winner in the end. It doesn’t matter what anime series it is. After finishing this brilliant anime series, I was undecided. I had no idea on who actually succeeded with their plan. At the end of Shakugan no Shana season 2, Xanadu ends up being created, and everyone proceeds to journey to the new world.

After rewatching the entire series, I figured out that Shana actually sabotaged Bal Masque’s whole plan, but the Snake of the Festival didn’t really care. So, in the end, there was an ironic twist. The bad guys actually suceeded so they won. Their plan was just altered. Allow me to explain.

As I said before, Xanadu’s creation came at the expense of all of existence, which included the balance of the human world and the Crimson Realm. Therefore, Shana and the gang were firmly against it. However, towards the end, Shana made alterations in Bal Masque’s plan to where if they actually succeeded, Denizens could not prey on humans anymore in Xanadu. In the end, Bal Masque got what they want, but the Shana just changed some things in the end.

Besides, the Snake of the Festival didn’t really seem to care anyways. As overpowered as he was, he could of defeated all of the Flame Hazes and denied this alteration. But, he let it be and descended into Xanadu with his plan accomplished. The bad guys one that one.

What Happened Between Yuji and Shana?

shana and yuji

We all know that Yuji and Shana got together at the end of the series. However, before we got to see the touching ending, we had to hear Yuji spouting nonsense for the entire second season. Honestly, I don’t even know what him and Shana were fighting about to be honest. Shana was obviously right. At first, Bal Masque’s plan made no sense and put the human world in jeopardy. That meant that his friends and his family could be wiped out if everything went as plan.

Shana tried to tell him this, but Yuji wouldn’t listen. It was annoying to be honest. He even tried to say some mess like, “Sometimes in love, you have to do something your lover doesn’t want.” Um, okay? The thing was that. . . . Shana had been a Flame Haze way longer than Yuji even existed. She obviously knew about the balance of the two worlds. Yuji got brainwashed by the Snake of the Festival and spent the whole second season acting like he was enlightened.

Someone should have told Yuji that you don’t fight the girl you’re in love with. You just don’t. He learned that in this epic ending:

Oh my God! Shana said all of that like 100 times during the whole second season and now he wants to act convinced.

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