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[Announcement] Final Arcane Has a Release Date!

Greetings, everyone! I’m writing this post to succinctly announce the release date of Final Arcane, as well as give some other important information. Well, let’s get started!

When will Final Arcane be Released?


After much thinking and consulting (with myself), I have determined that Final Arcane will be released on very soon! I want to take some time to edit the light novel more, add some cool pictures, and properly plan out my marketing and distribution stratagems.

Where will Final Arcane be Located

light novel 3

Boy, oh boy! If I could just show you guys the marketing data I established for this light novel, you would be amazed. But, seriously, I plan on releasing Final Arcane around the world. This includes online and electronically for all of you kids, via Play Store, NOOK, Book Walker, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. However, for all of the bibliophiles (Arria Cross!) I have also reached out to the proper representatives to have the book distributed to places such as Mandarake, anime conventions, and popular bookstores in Japan, France, Germany, the Philippines, China, and the U.S. Yeah! I got this all planned out!

What Next?

light novel 2

For now, I’ll keep everyone updated on the status of Final Arcane, and I might be giving away free copies to build some popularity. Also, I’m working with a very talented illustrator and we will get some images out soon. You wouldn’t believe how many people would pick up a book just because it had the picture of a half-naked female on it. Seriously, the market for manga and light novels are growing, so it’s definitely happening.

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