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My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 17 Review



Yo, everybody! I told you I was gonna be back, and I am with a review of My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 17! I’ll admit, this episode was amazing! So, I’ll go ahead and save you the anxiety. In correct terminology, this really won’t be a review, but an article to discuss how good this episode was. Allow me to begin…


Here are the ratings I would give this episode on some distinct categories:

Plot: 9/10

Action: 10/10

Drama: 8/10

Overall: 9/10



In this episode, Midoriya and Todoroki continue their battle with Stain, the Hero Killer. In sum, they are all overwhelmed by Stain’s relentless attacks. However, Midoriya soon figures out the basis of Stain’s quirk, Blood Curdle. Stain’s MO is to aggressively attack his opponents and draw blood from them. Once he does, all he has to do is lick the blood which will paralyze his victim for a certain period of time.

Lucky for Midoriya, his blood type is O, so the effects of paralysis doesn’t last long for him. Midoriya analyzes that Stain is actually at a disadvatnage for fighting multiple opponents, yet he and Todoroki are pretty much no match for Stain. However, Iida soon regains himself after his personal conflict, and joins the fight. This becomes too much as Midoriya, Iida, and Todoroki team up to defeat Stain.

Meanwhile, the #2 hero, Endeavor helps Gran Torino battle the Nomus, as they try to save the townspeople from the attacks by the Villain Alliance. Once Stain is defeated, he is tied up and bound until Gran Torino shows up. He gets angry at Midoriya for running off, but is surprised at what he sees. As the other heroes show up, they are also surprised at seeing Stain defeated.

However, suddenly, Midoriya gets captured by a flying Nomu, but the Nomu gets killed by Stain who breaks free. Stain holds Midoriya hostage until Endeavor shows up. In a tight spot, Stain vows to never be defeated. Though, he slowly dies after a broken rib pieces his lungs. The episode concludes as Midoriya ponders how quickly Stain acted to save him.


DEKU AND tordoroki

Honestly, I loved the directions the writers went in when Iida was incapacitated for much of the episode. Of course, he gets scolded by Stain because he selfishly ran into battle head-on without trying to save the hero he injured. Iida realizes his wrong, and understands just how noble Midoriya is by trying to save his friend and fight a deadly foe. That’s some character development for you there.

Also, my favorite part of the episode was when Todoroki came in the battle. I initially thought: Stain, you’re gonna get smashed. Even when Midoriya told Todoroki not to get cut by Stain, Stain quickly beat Todoroki and drew blood from him in an instant.

Stain wasn’t playing around. Although his quirk wasn’t ideal in situations where he had to fight multiple opponents, he easily got the best of Midoriya and Todoroki. Midoriya even hit him directly with Full Cowl.

No matter what, Stain fiercly battled Midoriya when he used 5% of One for All. Todoroki wasn’t bad either. I guess Iida tipped the balance, though.

On another note, in this episode, we finally got to see Endeavor in action. Being the #2 hero, I knew that Endeavor was strong. Though, I didn’t know anything to his power’s extent. Basically, his quirk is Hell Fire. He can scorch anything, which automatically negates the Nomu’s regeneration and absortion abilities. Check it out!

Final Thoughts:

In the end, I had no idea on if season two will end. It probably will with the conclusion of the Stain Arc. From a writers perspective, the checklist for season two is done. Midoriya is finally gaining progress on using One for All, Iida personal conflict has been solved, and the Villain Alliance is shown to be getting stronger.

Just like in any other typical anime series, there may be one show that foreshadows what is going to happen next. All in all, this episode was the best. Midoriya, Todoroki, and Iida fought evenly with Stain, while Gran Torino and Endeavor battled the Nomus.

My Hero Academia never fails to impress. Let’s see what the next episode holds for us.

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