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Just Finished Zero no Tsukaima: 3 Interesting Points

About a few days ago, I finally finished up the Zero no Tsukaima series. I really was impressed. Although the story line could have been better, I felt like this show didn’t really need it to entertain the viewer. In any case, I just want to point out some things that I noticed that were either funny, disturbing, or just flat out adorable.

Saito Was Packing Heat the Entire Series


Throughout the show, Saito used his insight on Japan’s military tools to save Louise and the world countless times. Normally, he always used jets or heavy military artillery. But, in the last season, Saito surprised me by using a pistol. I don’t know. I thought this was actually funny.

What endeared me to Saito was his determination. He didn’t always understand the world he was in, but he wanted to protect Louise with everything he had. Now, if you would look up at the picture above, you can see Saito wielding that handgun like a pro. And, boy, did he sure use it.

Saito Was A Pimp!?


Honestly, I never got why all of the girls in Zero no Tsukaima loved Saito. He seemed pretty average in looks, intelligence, and composure. I guess a man with power is attractive, or maybe not. Who cares! All I know is that, anytime you have two girls sleeping in your bed, you have it down packed.

I’m not one to judge, but Saito knew how Louise felt about him, yet he went and did stuff like kiss other girls, grope them, and allow them to sleep in his bed! I guess he was having his fun until he made his final commitment. That actually takes me to my next fascinating posit.

Saito Married The Love of His Life


My heart dropped after I saw Saito unconscious. I knew that the show would have a good ending, but I didn’t know what would happen. I assumed that Saito and Louise would run off together, and that appeared to be an understatement. Saito actually asked (more like told) Louise to marry him, which I found weirdly shocking. I suppose that’s why I like this show so much. The ending fitted so well and didn’t leave us all with a cliffhanger,

Anyway, Saito was dressed up in his knight uniform, looking ten times better than what he did in the beginning of the series. And, even though Louise was an irritating brat throughout the show, I warmed up to her likable character and watched her walk down the aisle.

Then, Saito takes Louise to his world and they tour Japan before stopping at Saito’s house. All in all, great ending, guys! I wish they would do another season of their married life, but then again, I don’t. Saito was kind of a freak anyway, so let’s all leave them be.

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