Welcome, all, to the Bran New Day Anime blog! For everyone that is unaware, this blog is the second coming of the Bran New Day Blog. I just added anime at the end. Cool, right? Anyway, this blog is where I’m going to submit unique anime reviews, features, opinions, and whatever interests me.

I suppose the most distinct feature about this blog is that I involve my readers. I like to discuss things in the comments with anyone who seems interested, and I generally get my ideas from the people who read my blog. So, in that sense, you can say that I’m a people’s person. But, I consider myself an sociable introvert, in any case.

Also, the name of the blog is pretty unique itself. It just represents me and how I feel. I don’t like cliches so, Anime Land, Otaku Zone, etc wouldn’t have worked for me. Hopefully, if you’re still reading this, you have gotten a gist of what type of person I seem to be.

However, to find out more, just click the about page, or read one of my blog posts. I feel the latter is the best way to get to know me. Lastly, don’t forget to share, like, and subscribe!